[hackerspaces] Group chat for hackerspaces going to Congress

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Tue Nov 17 01:10:40 CET 2015

For the last Camp and Congress, most folks orbiting around or with
Noisebridge have used Google Hangouts as a group chat thing. Trying to get
people on one service is really painful, and eventually degrades into an
argument about privacy, encryption, and bike shedding.

This year I've started a matrix of chat protocols and services groups at a
conference such as Congress could use. It's not meant to declare a winner,
but to give folks a nice overview of all the trade offs of going with a
particular service so that you can make a good choice as to what works well
specifically for you. Ironically it's hosted on Google Docs...


Services are listed, not clients (Tor Messenger is a client). Encryption
isn't at the top of the list because YOU'RE ALREADY GOING TO A LARGE HACKER
CONFERENCE and if your threat model is being snooped on over IM then maybe
you should rethink the life choices that has lead you to communicating in a
group chat with a bunch of other paranoid hackers whom are running a
variety of unaudited phone hardware and operating systems. I am happy to
discuss this further, but only in person, over drinks, during New Years, in

Feel free to update the list if you've got new information to add.

rubin at starset.net
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