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On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 10:38 AM, matt <matt at nycresistor.com> wrote:

> I like the broader general use of the term hackerspace.  Why limit it?
> And Makerspace has some negative connotations, in part due to the 'Make tm'
> empire and their control of that sort of branding.  I'd

I don't like calling our space a maker space due to this. When I'm
explaining what I do to friends and family who aren't familiar with the
concept, and who might not know that the word "hacker" is positive, I tend
to say things like "it's like a co-op of people with shop stuff and other
areas and they do stuff together." or "community workshop, emphasis on the
community" or use some sort of language like that.

I tend to prefer hackerspace. I end up doing more software types of things
than I mean to, and have office hours for programming type of things. I
want people to be happy with members who do software, hardware, shop stuff,
art stuff. I don't want people to clash. and I don't want to be a Make (TM)
type of place. I want people to be cognizant of cultural differences and
preferences and learn to coexist in the same building and organization as
me and also get along. I think this is possible with enough social skills
and help.

shekay at pobox.com
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