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Wed Oct 8 13:39:05 CEST 2014

Let's look at the vapor itself. It is derived from propylene glycol,
vegetable glycerin, usually food-grade or better flavoring agents, and
usually (not always) a small amount of nicotine.

* Propylene Glycol is basic fog juice, same as you would use in a fog
machine. There are some people who have allergic reactions to PG, but
usually that's only in large concentration.

* Vegetable Glycerin is a very harmless medium. It's one of those things
that we consume all the time anyhow.

* The flavoring agents are mostly harmless. The only danger here is that
some of them are not fully tested to show no harm when they are heated and
inhaled. I think the worst thing people have found has been diacetyl, which
is the base for pretty much all fake butter flavoring. It has been shown to
be harmful when inhaled.. on industrial scales over years of working in
plants that produce diacetyl or work with it extensively.

* The nicotine itself isn't nearly as bad as many people feel. Is it
something I'd give to a kid? Certainly not. Much like how caffeine attaches
to the adenosine receptors to work as a stimulant, nicotine binds to the
acetylcholine receptors in the brain. It's not something great to take in
huge quantities. The secondhand vapor exhaled from your average vaper is
going to contain just tiny amounts of nicotine.

The secondhand risks are minimal. That said, some people do not like it. If
someone doesn't like vapor or the usually-pleasant smells, then vapers
shouldn't bother them and should refrain from using their e-cigarettes. If
the vaper is a real jerk about it, someone may unfortunately have to spread
some "enforced politeness."

Banning ecigs altogether out of uninformed fear is a show of weak and lazy
leadership. Educate yourself and your membership.

Matt, your comment on vaping being a middle america or lower-class "thing"
was distasteful and classist.

On Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 5:24 AM, David Francos <me at davidfrancos.net> wrote:

> 2014-10-08 6:38 GMT+02:00 matt <matt at nycresistor.com>:
>> I think all of our members are considerate enough that this discussion
>> has never arisen.  Also I don't think any of our members 'vape'.  That's
>> kind of a middle america / lower class thing.  >=D
> At Dlabs Hackerspace none of our members vape that we know, but our policy
> is very strict on that: No smoking, any kind.
> But, anyway, we've got a pretty small and not-very-well ventilated space,
> wich might not be your case.
> Consider:
> - Is your space big enough?
> - Do you have someplace outside where smokers can "smoke" or "vape"?
> Vaping is less bothering than smoking inside, but it still produces
> smells, and probably some substances that people might not like.
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