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Wed Oct 8 13:39:43 CEST 2014

Vaping itself isn't harmful to others as far as anything I've read (I
haven't read any research on pubmed, but in other places).

The only thing that would be a problem to others is either the sight of it
(people think vaping is the same as smoking and feel the same about it as
smoking) or the chemicals involved in the flavor/smells (people can have a
bad reaction to any chemical, particularly in enclosed spaces).

I think the proposed rule in the original email is fair and I would also
attach a suggestion for the vapor to avoid flavors (one person's rose could
be another's skunk).

Now I'm against <18 using it just because that is our arbitrary cut off in
the US between child and adult and you can easily get A LOT more nicotine
from an e-cig.

On a lighter note, a friend had someone report him to metro (DC's subway
system) security cause they could "smell the tobacco" almost a full car
away on the platform of a large station.  I think he said he was vaping
non-flavored at the time.  He has also had people tell him to "put out
his cigarette"
when smoking a blue tipped e-cig, threaten to report him for the fire
hazard, threaten to kick him out of places cause they could smell the
tabacco, etc).

I haven't looked into vaping weed, but I would imagine it is like vaping
nicotine and only the vapor gets the thc and would be ok w/ that being
treated the same.

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On Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 6:24 AM, David Francos <me at davidfrancos.net> wrote:

> 2014-10-08 6:38 GMT+02:00 matt <matt at nycresistor.com>:
>> I think all of our members are considerate enough that this discussion
>> has never arisen.  Also I don't think any of our members 'vape'.  That's
>> kind of a middle america / lower class thing.  >=D
> At Dlabs Hackerspace none of our members vape that we know, but our policy
> is very strict on that: No smoking, any kind.
> But, anyway, we've got a pretty small and not-very-well ventilated space,
> wich might not be your case.
> Consider:
> - Is your space big enough?
> - Do you have someplace outside where smokers can "smoke" or "vape"?
> Vaping is less bothering than smoking inside, but it still produces
> smells, and probably some substances that people might not like.
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