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On Fri, 6 May 2011 13:12:18 +0200,  Koen Martens <gmc at sonologic.nl> 
replied on the "Removing non-hackerspaces..." thread with text below.  He praised John Arclight's idea of giving reviews to spaces and brought up the idea for a hackerspace guide book.  I will agree with his write up on 23bShop
and add that not only does water flow but other liquids too. While laundry is close by, so is a good liquor store, and hardware, and tool supply and ... Its a great location. I wish our location had such resources close by. We are stuck out in a sugar cane field behind a big stinky sugar mill. But its free, so we try not to complain. 

Back to the hackerspace guide... I traveled a bit, visiting spaces before getting down to business on MauiMakers, and posted some of the reviews at our blog
23bShop was one of the first reviewed.  There are some non-review posts tagged in that list, and I've visited some others but havent completed the writeups. (sorry Hive76, where we ran into Koen at the front door).

Anywoot, I'd like to read other reviews of other spaces.  If you happen to visit one, and blog about it, post a link to the discuss list! Maybe someone will get around to compiling a big listing, complete with reviews of locally available lodging for wandering hackers.

Jerry Isdale

Koen's post...

> On Thu, May 05, 2011 at 09:16:32AM -0700, john arclight wrote:
>> It seems like reviews work pretty well on sites like Yelp that list
>> restaurants. Give people the info and decide for youself.
>> Example:
>> "Butch's Coffee Shop - 3 reviews: While they do serve coffee, it's mostly a
>> leather bar where BDSM enthusiasts meet. Lattes half off on Mondays. 3/5
>> stars"
>> Etc.
> Mr. Arclight, you once again resolve a conundrum with absolute genius!
> Seriously, no trolling intended. From time to time this discussion of
> 'what is a hackerspace' come up on this list, with everyone trying
> to promote their arbitrary definition. Eg, 'renting an office space'
> is apparently something that disqualifies you as a hackerspace in 
> some eyes. Others say its is community and tech. At some point I have
> even seen a manifest drafted that came across as a normative 
> document to decide once and for all how to give out the official
> hackerspaces.org 'seal of approval'.
> Well, i don't care much of these definitions. It's all in the eye of
> the beholder, in my humble opinion. Yes, I myself have once thought
> about removing spaces from the list. But I never did, for one because
> I never wanted to decide what is a hackerspace and what not.
> I'm all for this review thing Arclight proposes, as it places what
> the eye of the beholder sees in the public sphere. Although I hope
> we can all be adult enough about it that we don't diss other spaces
> with misguided negativity.
> Anyway, when I was touring US spaces together with Flyko we discussed
> this. We wanted to write something of a 'hotel guide' for hackerspaces,
> since we were visiting and sometimes sleeping at so much hackerspaces.
> "23bshop is nicely situatied in sunny Fullerton, CA. Its unassuming
> storefront hides a wealth of machinery and equipment. If you have
> car-troubles, you can rest assured that these people can help you fix
> it and get you back on the road.
> The cozy loft offers a place to reclude and spend a quiet night. There
> is no air-conditioning but the space can be ventilated. Sanitary
> conditions are well enough, there is a toilet and running water. Only
> cold water. You might experience some issues with the alarm system,
> so make sure you know where they keep their wirecutters.
> With a laundry within walking distances (European standard) and a 
> coffee-shop serving an assortment of breakfast wraps, juice,
> smoothies and coffee, 23b shop is the place in LA for the
> hungry traveller. Good people with a sense of hopsitality."
> - gmc

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