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Matt Goodman meawoppl at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 04:46:30 CEST 2011

+1 your mom.
--Matthew Goodman

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On Sat, Jun 4, 2011 at 8:44 PM, Jaromil <jaromil at dyne.org> wrote:

> dear Matt,
> On Sat, 04 Jun 2011, Matt Joyce wrote:
> > Asking the internet at large or in this case a stand alone complex
> > to adhere to your own personal form of morality is both ineffectual
> > in method and ill conceived in purpose.
> there is no presumption of morality in my letter (lets leave that to
> priests) and the word ethic is quoted from the use made by people way
> more knowledgeable than us on the history of hacking, which i thought
> was a good reference.
> that letter is just a critical view. and so far i didn't read much of
> this kind of reflections, to the contrary, i've read just self
> motivating and very oppositional prose from all sides (a prose that i
> enjoy myself reading, sure, as much as i like playing RTS) and now i'm
> aware of the risks of exposure i'm facing. but i feel time is ticking
> and it might be too late when the consequences of the current
> situation become evident.
> ultimately i feel the urge to address all the investments flowing into
> cyber-security that has just been announced between the last G8 and
> this NATO release. ACTA, DRM and various other threats to civil rights
> which will be justified as policy and funded by tax payers.
> ultimately, this is their strategy, if you didn't catch it yet.
> and i know we have the power to do much more and that the networks
> will multiply and that anonymity will be forever, sure, i enjoy the
> epic lolz. yet for all that to happen and for wikileaks to keep
> online, there is no need for a war. lets call it a reality check.
> now i guess you don't like my criticism, however let me explain: i've
> been (relatively safely) going through an hackers crackdown in the mid
> 90s and since then i'm concerned on the use of automated surveillance,
> its unjustified growth, its use against scape goats as hackers and
> smart kids. that's what i'm talking about.
> but ok, if you really like to liquidate such an attempt with your
> pulitzer prose i guess i can't help you much, my mood is quite
> different and i give peace a different meaning. you remind me of those
> anti-capitalists that were happy about the bombing of the WTC in NYC:
> they were so fool not to realize that the real disaster came after,
> and it came for all of us.
>  ciao
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