[hackerspaces] Open letter to Anonymous (please distribute)

Jaromil jaromil at dyne.org
Sun Jun 5 03:44:37 CEST 2011

dear Matt,

On Sat, 04 Jun 2011, Matt Joyce wrote:

> Asking the internet at large or in this case a stand alone complex
> to adhere to your own personal form of morality is both ineffectual
> in method and ill conceived in purpose.

there is no presumption of morality in my letter (lets leave that to
priests) and the word ethic is quoted from the use made by people way
more knowledgeable than us on the history of hacking, which i thought
was a good reference.

that letter is just a critical view. and so far i didn't read much of
this kind of reflections, to the contrary, i've read just self
motivating and very oppositional prose from all sides (a prose that i
enjoy myself reading, sure, as much as i like playing RTS) and now i'm
aware of the risks of exposure i'm facing. but i feel time is ticking
and it might be too late when the consequences of the current
situation become evident.

ultimately i feel the urge to address all the investments flowing into
cyber-security that has just been announced between the last G8 and
this NATO release. ACTA, DRM and various other threats to civil rights
which will be justified as policy and funded by tax payers.

ultimately, this is their strategy, if you didn't catch it yet.

and i know we have the power to do much more and that the networks
will multiply and that anonymity will be forever, sure, i enjoy the
epic lolz. yet for all that to happen and for wikileaks to keep
online, there is no need for a war. lets call it a reality check.

now i guess you don't like my criticism, however let me explain: i've
been (relatively safely) going through an hackers crackdown in the mid
90s and since then i'm concerned on the use of automated surveillance,
its unjustified growth, its use against scape goats as hackers and
smart kids. that's what i'm talking about.

but ok, if you really like to liquidate such an attempt with your
pulitzer prose i guess i can't help you much, my mood is quite
different and i give peace a different meaning. you remind me of those
anti-capitalists that were happy about the bombing of the WTC in NYC:
they were so fool not to realize that the real disaster came after,
and it came for all of us.


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