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> That's a very exciting idea. Hackerspaces are already constantly self-publishing
> information as how-tos, presentations, image streams, blog posts and so on. It
> seems like a natural jump to put that information into a more formal document. 

i think for most hackers/hackerspace participants it is too much
hassle to engage with formal science, which is deemed simply too slow
and top-down.  you know the joke that "real programmers don't write
documentation".  i would be happy if more of the cool stuff which
people make in hackerspaces would be at least documented. :)

from my framework of interpretation, such "refusal of a detour to
knowledge through representation" (Andrew Pickering's expression) is a
major characteristic of hackerspaces...

> To touch on Padraic's question -- to me, theory is about what makes hackerspaces
> work and why. There's a lot of ideas floating around in different fields, like
> education, sociology and business about why these community organizations &
> informal learning spaces are important. Also more popular writing like Chris
> Anderson's latest. 

well said.  however, from the point of view of the social whole, i am
also interested in the critique inherent in the hacker practices.  the
example about science above is one.

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