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I love otec, ive seen it in action on the big island. when combined with a
thermal vent, or geothermal well it could be much more efficient.
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> Glad  to see this discussion and wanted to throw a couple cents in...
> There is a lot of interest in the seasteading community in space. There
> are I would say three factions of the movement: capitalists, libertarians
> and spacers. Someone noted that the there are many ties between sea and
> space but technology the least of them, and that in some ways is true.
> Especially when you look at the converted oil rig architecture, there is
> little practical application of that tech in space. Someone else however
> noted the link between underwater and space, which is exactly where I and
> the spacer faction of seasteaders want to take this. The political and
> ecological work done by seasteaders is also useful, but by it's nature I
> think this group is really focused on the tech.
> Here is my vision for shared progress:
> An ocean floor/submarine habitat, powered solely by OTEC, thermal vent or
> reactor simulates the conditions of space as best and as cheaply as
> possible, including the psychological isolation issues. Submerging a
> habitat is virtually free compared to placing it in orbit. Space actually
> has an advantage of allowing us to use inflatable technology that is not
> practical submarine. An argument I made during the 100yss conference is
> that seasteading is a sandbox for spacesteading. Sure some things will need
> to be adapted, but there is a lot we can test and in doing so develop the
> foundation and confidence that there is a commercially viable interest in a
> space industry. I ask people to look at America's founding, with large
> corporations not forming or coming onboard until small communities put it
> all on the line to make the move to the new frontier. The oceans may not be
> our destination, but it will be on our journey.
> I also want to applaud everyone's efforts here. I hope and believe that it
> will be people like you that make dreams of space travel/ living a reality.
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