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Pastor Gabe gabeterasem at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 13:59:39 CEST 2012

Glad  to see this discussion and wanted to throw a couple cents in...

There is a lot of interest in the seasteading community in space. There are
I would say three factions of the movement: capitalists, libertarians and
spacers. Someone noted that the there are many ties between sea and space
but technology the least of them, and that in some ways is true. Especially
when you look at the converted oil rig architecture, there is little
practical application of that tech in space. Someone else however noted the
link between underwater and space, which is exactly where I and the spacer
faction of seasteaders want to take this. The political and ecological work
done by seasteaders is also useful, but by it's nature I think this group
is really focused on the tech.

Here is my vision for shared progress:

An ocean floor/submarine habitat, powered solely by OTEC, thermal vent or
reactor simulates the conditions of space as best and as cheaply as
possible, including the psychological isolation issues. Submerging a
habitat is virtually free compared to placing it in orbit. Space actually
has an advantage of allowing us to use inflatable technology that is not
practical submarine. An argument I made during the 100yss conference is
that seasteading is a sandbox for spacesteading. Sure some things will need
to be adapted, but there is a lot we can test and in doing so develop the
foundation and confidence that there is a commercially viable interest in a
space industry. I ask people to look at America's founding, with large
corporations not forming or coming onboard until small communities put it
all on the line to make the move to the new frontier. The oceans may not be
our destination, but it will be on our journey.

I also want to applaud everyone's efforts here. I hope and believe that it
will be people like you that make dreams of space travel/ living a reality.

Pastor Gabe
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