[SpaceProgram] Transitioning to Google Groups

Andy Gelme andyg at geekscape.org
Sat Oct 6 17:13:44 CEST 2012

hi All,

On 2012-10-6 13:44 , Alex Cureton-Griffiths wrote:
> I've set up an account for Rizzoma - if anyone wants an invite to play with it, let me know. I've only played with it a bit so far and still forming an opinion. It's pretty different and has some good functionality, but my reservations thus far are:

I'm a fan of Wave (and the underlying technology, i.e operational
transforms).  For both commercial and community projects, I've used the
original sandbox version, the main Wave release until it was shutdown
and now Rizzoma since it became available.  Migrating all my active
"waves" into Rizzoma and Google Docs before Wave was shutdown.  Even
wrote a few Wave plug-ins.

However, I'd suggest that the key real-time collaborative features (from
Wave) that you'd require at this point in time for GAMBIT have generally
became available in Google Docs.

Google Docs combined with a Google Group (or two) are mature, stable and
familiar to a broad range of people.  Add in Google Plus hangouts for
audio/video conferencing and perhaps a Google Plus page and Twitter
account for general status / updates ... and that will probably cover
80+% of your group collaboration / communication needs.  And, of course,
the obligatory FaceBook page.  Your main difficulty will be managing
fragmentation of communication / information across so many platforms /

If there are other specialized needs, e.g some Rizzoma functionality ...
or someone wants to do a MindMap (which was available as a Google Wave
plug-in) ... then, go for it.  But, I wouldn't recommend having a
specialized need driving the decision for the main communication /
collaboration on-line tool set.

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