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A quick note on being more remote: If you're inside or very close to a
major city, there is a class of people that will just stay in a nearby
hotel and commute to the event.

This is also the class of people that would otherwise spend a lot of
resources and energy building nice camps

On 04/06/2014 05:27 PM, Eelco Hotting wrote:
> On 04/04/2014 10:24 AM, Attilla de Groot wrote:
>>> im with rop - do it outside of NL. the paper-pushing is just
>>> ridiculous here
>> I disagree. Of course the paper-pushing is ridiculous, but if it
>> isn't organised in NL anymore we can just call it CCC 2017. And I'm
>> not even talking about all the logistical and organisational issues
>> when organising an event in another country with a language that
>> we're not speaking natively.
> It might be stupid to organize it in NL, but that is the challenge for
> me. It involves a lot of work (and money!) to get it done in NL
> compared to DE, but it can still be done.

There comes a point when the cost in monetary and goodwill terms (i.e.
Security Guards) gets to be just too much to make it worth it.

If the Dutch are organizing it and finding the funding, it's still a
dutch camp. Just across the border in Germany should not be tossed out
entirely as an option, especially when you'd have people with deeper
administrative connections in the CCC who can assist with any heavy lifting.

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