[Hacker-event-theory] turning feedback from ohm into learning points

Eelco Hotting eelco at hotting.nl
Sun Apr 6 23:27:57 CEST 2014

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On 04/04/2014 10:24 AM, Attilla de Groot wrote:

>> im with rop - do it outside of NL. the paper-pushing is just
>> ridiculous here
> I disagree. Of course the paper-pushing is ridiculous, but if it
> isn't organised in NL anymore we can just call it CCC 2017. And I'm
> not even talking about all the logistical and organisational issues
> when organising an event in another country with a language that
> we're not speaking natively.

It might be stupid to organize it in NL, but that is the challenge for
me. It involves a lot of work (and money!) to get it done in NL
compared to DE, but it can still be done.

However the Security Guards were a problem. We were forced to have
them, and although we talked down the required numbers, they caused
problems and cost a lot of goodwill. And a lot of money. Something
needs to be done to avoid begin forced to hire Security next time.
Also: Low profile / less stupid security might be an option, but will
be even more expensive. Estimates 50K - 75K. We could not afford that
last time and settled around 35K. Argh.

> On 04 Apr 2014, at 00:05, Eelco Hotting <eelco at hotting.nl> wrote:
>>> - volunteer - volunteer desk should be (in) the center of the
>>> camp - internet should be available during buildup in the
>>> vicinity of NOC only and to NOC-staff only elsewhere
>> Almost every volunteer needs internet, both for his job as for 
>> motivation. This should be discussed further. It was subject of
>> some heated debates during HAR2009 and OHM2013 as well. :)
> **sigh**, not _again_
> The reason at some point for not offering Internet during build-up
> was that people wouldn't work because of it. This might have been a
> valid argument in 1999 when we didn't have 3/4/5/6G/Wi-Max and
> volunteers would have connectivity anyway. If the aforementioned
> technologies don't work, we're nerd enough to give it the highest
> priority to _make_ it work. If someone doesn't want to work, he/she
> will find a way to don't.
> Implementing any technology to limit connectivity will interfere
> with efforts to build a actual network. I'd rather see hard working
> volunteers sending an occasional tweet (read: $socialmediamessage)
> about how cool it is so additional volunteers will show up. If
> someone doesn't do work, he won't get food and if he annoys people
> we'll persuade him to go off the terrain until the event starts.

I agree with Attilla. Besides, if volunteers sit in their tent
utilizing our infrastructure, I see that as a symptom, not as the
cause of our problem with volunteers.


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