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A much kinder reply than mine from the author.

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Date: 	Tue, 31 Mar 2020 12:18:58 +0200
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Dear Antonio,

I reply to you since I am not on the hackerspace mailing list, if you
want to forward my mail, its all fine with me.

I did not know this texts is not directly talking about capitalism but
its ok if you understand it like this. What this article intends to say
is that in times of crisis civil society initiatives seem to be of
utermost importance such aspeople who heal or hackerspaces who take on
their own responsibilty to produce protective material for carers (since
minimum was not ensured by those who take decisions). Yet the people who
take over those responsibility do not seem to have any voice when it
comes to take decisions.

And possibly their voices would be much more usefull to us right now
then the voices of the people in power who take over our democracies
right now.

The last phrase you are citing comes from the latest Mbembe book
"Brutalism", its an amazing understanding of technological society seen
from Africa, and does use the notion of vibratory act to signify the
possibility of action despite direct access to power, you can find very
similar notions in Karen Barad writings about diffraction, both Barad
and Mbembe are important and recognized scholars that should be read
when discussing technology.


On 3/31/20 11:49 AM, Antonio Caciuc wrote:
> Sorry, but I'm not sure I understand the point of the article beyond
> "capitalism is bad".
> I think hackerspaces are by themselves a political statement against
> some aspects of capitalism, but this article doesn't say anything
> useful or interesting.
> What does "a vibratory act, which straddles and exceeds the given and
> its constraints" mean anyway?  
> You're right about one thing, though. We should limit the spread of
> this nonsense the same way were trying to limit the spread of the virus.
> Soignez-vous bien!
> On Tue, Mar 31, 2020 at 11:45 AM hellekin <hellekin at hackerspaces.org
> <mailto:hellekin at hackerspaces.org>> wrote:
>     Hackerspaces are mentioned briefly in this firebrand text, on the
>     forefront of self-organizing production of alternate DIY medical
>     supplies.
>     https://ps.zoethical.org/t/yet-we-were-feminists/3477
>     Also available in Spanish at
>     https://ps.zoethical.org/t/ya-estabamos-feministas/3478
>     (Please, if it's your native language, help check the translation
>     against the French original below)
>     https://ps.zoethical.org/t/pourtant-nous-etions-feministes/3476
>     The author is Cced. Spread widely like the coronavirus!
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