[hackerspaces] COVID-19 and Hackerspaces Interveiew Makers on Tap

David Venancio de Campos metabaron at massmulti.org
Sun Mar 29 04:44:28 CEST 2020

Hey there everyone,

Hellekin happy to ear from you again.

I'm working on a ultra-thin breathing mask : 

(I didn't even put a https cert! no time. but btw I don't really care 
because the content is ... how to say... normal and no need to register 
etc. I'll do it asap but not in hurry on this)

Just wanted to say "Thanks for the infos."

About this one:

... So that's why american hospitals are refusing DIY stuff also for 
sure. (there's makers asking "why they refuse my stuff ?!" in the fb 
group below) and I knew it from the start (I putted quite a lot of 
"cons" arguments on my mask)

Do we have examples of volunteers being refused to help with 3DP or DIY 
stuff ?

I'll transmit this in portugal to makers and 3D printers that want to 
help making masks or PPE for hospitals... (carbon copy of this e-mail, 
guys in contact with a engineer school in Porto)

Been searching and I'm aiming on disposable masks 3D printed also but 
ONLY against droplets. Something equivalent to https://www.maspire.org/ 
(not for hospitals) (even with not perfect sealing)

Other concern is bio-degradable materials...

So I'm aiming to do this : a mask for the general public easy to 
"mass-produce" but in PLA.

Covered to make it waterproof and with no filter because that's another 
huge subject (cotton+copper maybe).

FabLabs are super-active and I have found a wonderfull doc here :


You can see there's 3D-printed stuff all over the place.

Other interesting subject is UV-sterelization boxes (saw a project from 
japan super easy to make but can't even find the link right now).

Don't have time to say more and even, it's not my specialty, so I'm 
trying to focus on 3DP.

There's a lot of DIY projects also on fb group (yep "fb"...) : 

There's a reddit mega-thread here : 

So many projects I can't list them ! I let you make some research if you 
want to help with your knowledges from home. (like this thermometer : 

The designs found on the net are getting serious, but still, they're 
might be dangerous if not well done.

Our help can be super-important for people not having money to buy from 
companies, or at the opposite for people wanting to offer stuff to 
others (who have lots of money).

over and out.

PS: "better-than-nothing" agreed but "the best we can".

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