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On 3/26/20 3:22 PM, Cecilia Tanaka wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 26, 2020, 06:40 hellekin <hellekin at hackerspaces.org
> <mailto:hellekin at hackerspaces.org>> wrote:
>     Hey Ceci,
>     I can only point you to materials in French, but I'm sure others can
>     find similar information in English or Portuguese.  
> <SNIP>
> Hi, Hellekin!  Hope you are well and happy!  :D
> I am collecting ideas and tutorials in Portuguese, English, Spanish,
> and Italian, but didn't try the French ones and these are very cute.  <3
> My French is more sedentary than me in this moment, but I promise I
> will exercise it again, thanks a lot!  <3

Here's something to exercise your French (also available in English and




> Some of the ideas in general are pretty hard and expensive to the poor
> Brazilian hackerspaces.  So I am searching for something cheap and
> really useful because we have a huge demand from public hospitals and
> poor communities.

Rama showed me something that you might like to make (and I'm adding an
extra video for an alternate design):

DIY ventilators... Probably there are plenty of alternate designs available.


Also realitygaps is working on a DIY protection mask for medical
personnel, made from the Decathlon EasyBreath diving mask that was used
in Italy to make custom respirators for COVID-19 patients. I guess he's
gonna post something about it soonish.

<3 and stay strong!


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