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> Hello from the moon.
> When someone describe what a hackerspace is, she/he commonly say: "It's
> a community driven place where people can come to build stuff". But, is
> it all? I mean, why calling it a hackerspace if the goal is only to make
> stuff? Why not call it a makerspace or a DIY club?
> I'm interested in the hacker movement since more than ten years and for
> me a hacker is not only someone that build stuff in community. Building
> stuff is an activity, not the finality. From what I understand, the
> hacker is someone that want to liberate from the technics by study it,
> experiment with it, share his knowledges and experiences, build with it
> and divert it. And doing this empowerment with ethics, those listed by
> the CCC [1]:
>   - Access to computers - and anything which might teach you something
>     about the way the world really works - should be unlimited and
>     total. Always yield to the Hands-On Imperative!
>   - All information should be free.
>   - Mistrust authority - promote decentralization.
>   - Hackers should be judged by their acting, not bogus criteria such
>     as degrees, age, race, or position.
>   - You can create art and beauty on a computer.
>   - Computers can change your life for the better.
>   - Don't litter other people's data.
>   - Make public data available, protect private data.
> How I always seen it, a hackerspace is a place for a community that fit
> into the hacker movement. A hacker space. But based on what I read or
> ear from some peoples around me or in Internet, it's not.
> So, what is exactly a hackerspace? What define it? What differentiates
> it from a DIY club?
> [1] https://www.ccc.de/en/hackerethik
> Regards
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> Sébastien G.
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