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Sébastien Gendre seb at k-7.ch
Mon Feb 26 17:38:30 CET 2018

Hello from the moon.

When someone describe what a hackerspace is, she/he commonly say: "It's
a community driven place where people can come to build stuff". But, is
it all? I mean, why calling it a hackerspace if the goal is only to make
stuff? Why not call it a makerspace or a DIY club?

I'm interested in the hacker movement since more than ten years and for
me a hacker is not only someone that build stuff in community. Building
stuff is an activity, not the finality. From what I understand, the
hacker is someone that want to liberate from the technics by study it,
experiment with it, share his knowledges and experiences, build with it
and divert it. And doing this empowerment with ethics, those listed by
the CCC [1]:

  - Access to computers - and anything which might teach you something
    about the way the world really works - should be unlimited and
    total. Always yield to the Hands-On Imperative!
  - All information should be free.
  - Mistrust authority - promote decentralization.
  - Hackers should be judged by their acting, not bogus criteria such
    as degrees, age, race, or position.
  - You can create art and beauty on a computer.
  - Computers can change your life for the better.
  - Don't litter other people's data.
  - Make public data available, protect private data.

How I always seen it, a hackerspace is a place for a community that fit
into the hacker movement. A hacker space. But based on what I read or
ear from some peoples around me or in Internet, it's not.

So, what is exactly a hackerspace? What define it? What differentiates
it from a DIY club?

[1] https://www.ccc.de/en/hackerethik

Sébastien G.
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