[hackerspaces] The world needs makerspaces?

Tarek Ahmed tarek.alsabagh at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 21:43:45 CET 2017

You can read the employees reviews since they opened till this year to see
how different it was from any maker/hacker/fablab or coworking space model.


On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 2:58 PM, Ben Brown <ben at generik.ca> wrote:

> I think the community is as important to a hackerspace's well-being as the
> building and tools -- in fact I would submit that's what makes a
> hackerspace as opposed to just a community workshop or co-working
> environment... or a TechShop.
> You also need a good source of (volunteer) labour and people who are
> passionate to keep the community going (and by association -- the space
> alongside it). Paying staff to do the same may be the smart thing to do to
> keep people accountable to their commitments... but only if you can afford
> it.
> I never really considered TechShop as part of the same ballpark as NFP
> spaces, but it was an excellent resource for advanced tools and training.
> They will be missed.
> Ben
> On 2017-11-15 2:19 PM, Edward L Platt wrote:
> One of the most important questions, which I remember discussing with Jim
> Newton and Dale Dougherty shortly before TechShop Detroit opened, is
> whether the space is primarily about the tools or about the community.
> Community without tools is still useful, but less so the other way around.
> Community takes less money to maintain, but more work, although if you do
> it right, that work can be fun and meaningful for members.
> Ed
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