[hackerspaces] Wiki cleanup: what to do with unrelated pages?

\0xDynamite dreamingforward at gmail.com
Sun Jul 9 19:43:05 CEST 2017

>> Keep in mind these are not page moves or edits, they are DELETIONS.
> after the list highlighted your massive contributions with disputed
> relevance

You see what you said there:  "disputed".  Did you discuss it with the
others who disputed it?

> for hackerspaces.org i could only agree and started to
> block your user for 3 days so that you can enjoy your weekend and
> to give me time to move your pages to your /user:Average/ namespace.

Blocked....  For....  Adding CONTENT to the wiki that was not about
"finding a soul mate", not vandalism -- it was about issues relevant
to intelligent creatives that would be good members of a hackerspace.
You deleted stubs for "audio engineering", "civil engineering", "radio
engineering" which was giving concrete formula for architecting radio
transmissions for mesh networking.

It was not in anyone's way.  ONE user imagined a HYPOTHETHICAL
scenario where he MIGHT be annoyed.

You, sir, are being a fool or something ....else.

> However a user page is usually only for a personal profile and for
> testing/preparing pages. If there are a still lot of edits it will
> clutter the general RecentChanges.

That was a big problem mentioned on the list, wasn't it?  ...  once.

> I suggest you put your content of wisdom on a personal server and
> we set a link to it.

Don't be an asshole.  This is just a move for POWER and NOTHING ELSE.
Do you understand anything?

> I deleted only redirects and category pages that would only point
> "into the air".

That's not what I saw, but you might be right.  I saw actual pages
with content deleted, including textual content that was in the
category page.  That was a lot of ontological order, buttwipe.

Now please justify your actions to the rest of the world, who in no way CARED.


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