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Thu Apr 20 01:24:00 CEST 2017

> Say, got a link to this new material? Which region does apply to?

Region is under the US, but the principles and radiation formula
should be sound for terrestrial use (not in aircraft and such or
anywhere where you might put someone in danger).

The thing is that this is new experimentation that isn't understood
well enough to codify into law.  So just as the FAA grants approval
for experimental aircraft and flight by non-licensed pilots to allow
innovation, the guidelines in the article below have been written to
allow some experimentation to work out characteristics with
high-density 2-way communications, like with mesh networking.   It's a
new arena.  The guidelines are also quite legally defensible if you
run into problems, as they are about providing the greatest benefit to
the public good.  Tell them to talk to me.  The only possibility is
stepping over some other unlicensed operator of a commercial product
(many R/C toys, garage door remotes, cordless telephones), in which
case you have equal rights as the corporations to use the band,
technically, but don't test it unless you're a freedom fighter.  It's
helpful to have a operator's license, so you can be legit.

The info is supplied at the wiki.hackerspaces.org/Radio_Enthusiasts.
Feel free to start a discussion on the discussion tab, but there's a
lot of new hope and possibilties.


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