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riot riot at c-base.org
Tue Apr 18 15:36:30 CEST 2017

Ohai marxos && all,

On 18.04.2017 05:32, \0xDynamite wrote:
> On an different note, there's some new material that has been
> tentatively approved with regard to radio communications vis. mesh
> networking or municipal wifi and such.
> I'm wondering if anyone finds it useful?  It gives bands that can be
> used and power limitations for unlicensed operators experimenting with
> new radio technologies.  It's just a stub, until someone tell me more
> about it's (non/)usefulness.

You might want to supply a reference. Like some good old URL or search
terms or something, so people know exactly what you're talking about.

(i.e. i am a radio enthusiast but i have no clue what you're referring
to, except maybe the good old now-being-reused tell-lie-vision band?)


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