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A dearest friend of mine made a compilation with more links about
'Asgardia' and another sweet friend contacted them with some technical
questions.  Aww, so lovely...  <3

He will share with us all the answers.  Or the eventual absence of them,
uh!  :P

So let's cross the fingers and wait for the best!  To infinity...  and
beyond, yay!!!  :D


PS:  -  No lyrics, but dancing astronauts always are fun and it's a cute
way of wishing you all a lovely week!  <http://youtu.be/wY-kAnvOY80>  <3





Scientists and legal experts have unveiled plans for the "first nation
state in space." The state is called "Asgardia" after one of the mythical
worlds inhabited by the Norse gods, and it will eventually become a member
of the United Nations -- complete with its own flag and anthem.

The Guardian reports: According to the project website, Asgardia "will
offer an independent platform free from the constraint of a land-based
country's laws. It will become a place it in orbit which is truly 'no man's
land.'" Initially, it would seem, this new nation will consist of a single
satellite, scheduled to be launched next year, with its citizens residing
firmly on terra firma.

Speaking to the Guardian through an interpreter, the project lead Igor
Ashurbeyli, said: "Physically the citizens of that nation state will be on
Earth; they will be living on different countries on Earth, so they will be
a citizen of their own country and at the same time they will be citizens
of Asgardia." "When the number of those applications goes above 100,000 we
can officially apply to the UN for the status of
state," he added.

According to the project website, "Any human living on Earth can become a
citizen of Asgardia," with the site featuring a simple registration form.
At the time of writing more than 1000 individuals had already signed up.

At present, the Outer Space Treaty that underpins international space law
states that responsibility and liability for objects sent into space lies
with the nation that launched them. But the project team claims that
Asgardia will set a new precedent, shifting responsibility to the new
"space nation" itself.

"The existing state agencies represent interests of their own countries and
there are not so many countries in the world that have those space
agencies," said Ashurbeyli. "The ultimate aim is to create a legal platform
to ensure protection of planet Earth and to provide access to space
technologies for those who do not have that access at the moment."
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