[hackerspaces] Group chat for hackerspaces going to Congress

Jamalaka jamalaka at gsgd.net
Wed Nov 18 11:46:12 CET 2015


Quoting Arclight (2015-11-17 21:39:10)
> As I understand it, the OTR chat protocol requires a "deniability" feature that
> for technical reasons, makes it pretty much incompatible with normal "group
> chat" as we know it.  I'd also be curious what is out there with similar
> support that can properly handle non-MITM'd by Google encrypted rooms.

deniability works just by the fact that you don't singn each
message, so each of the participants could create messages that look
like some other participant sent it.

During the chat-session it should not be possible to do so.

kind regards

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