[hackerspaces] Media Assets for Obrary

Scott Austin scotta at obrary.com
Thu Jan 8 04:27:21 CET 2015

Hey folks

We’ve gotten quite a bit of interest from HackerSpaces and MakerSpaces
wanting to promote our free and open designs to their member bases.  So,
we’ve put together a media kit to do just that.  The media kit can be found
at https://github.com/Obrary/MakerSpace-Media-Kit.  Here’s some of what it
currently contains:

-          Posters to hang by laser cutters and CNC routers that highlight
designs for those machines.

-          Slides to include in classes for lasers and routers.

-          A brochure explaining our open design philosophy

Please check out and use these assets with your members.

Let me know if you have any questions.


*Scott Austin*

CEO and Co-Founder, Obrary <http://obrary.com/>

+ 1 619 356 1465
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