[hackerspaces] IRS 1023-EZ form?

dosman dosman at packetsniffers.org
Thu Jan 8 14:48:11 CET 2015


Sorry to bring up this topic sort-of again, but has any (US) space gotten a 501c3 determination letter using the 1023-EZ form? (I apologize if I’ve missed previous discussion about this). I’m curious what other spaces experiences are with this method.

For those possibly not aware, the EZ form is new as of summer 2014, is half the price to submit, is only 3 pages long, only for orgs making less than $50k a year, and reportedly takes only 2-4 weeks to receive your determination letter. The downside is that you are “agreeing under penalty or perjury” that you qualify to be a 501c3 without the IRS doing much checking. The IRS has promised it’s not setting people up to be audited by using this form, but the vetting process is obviously abrupt.

There’s a lot of discussion about this new process online already, just curious if many spaces have already gone this route and what their experiences have been.


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