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Colin Keigher general at keyboardcowboy.ca
Thu Feb 26 17:29:45 CET 2015

Yeah. It's classic that someone who is an "independent thinker" will 
start to accuse a mailing list of "group think". I guess if that your 
accusation that this mailing list and the hackerspace you were banished 
with are both examples of "group think" then I might as well go and dig 
up your past since I am curious what got you booted in the first place.


> Peter previously received two formal warnings on 16th Jan 2015 and 
> 18th Jan 2015 for harassment on IRC, via email, and in person as well 
> as repeated evasion of IRC bans.
> Peter's recent conduct after his first and second formal warnings 
> continued to demonstrate a complete lack of respect for other members, 
> and no ability to compromise when acting as a member of the community. 
> We have not noted any willingness to change this attitude and the many 
> members who have attempted to discuss it with Peter echo this.

So from this we learn the following:

- You were banned from IRC after being harassing and then evaded your bans
- You harassed the hackerspace via e-mail
- You have no ability to compromise with the hackerspace
- You have no desire to change your behaviour
- People have tried to mediate but you've demonstrated no desire to change

Then we go on later into this thread to find the following:

> It's not a case of just finding him "annoying" it's finding his
> behaviour threatening. Peter stopped multiple people from using the
> space because they didn't want to be around him.

So you're obviously toxic to this hackerspace. Why are you causing 
people to leave? I see references to you stalking them around the space.

Then we see other examples from the mailing list of your warnings:


On the second link, we're referred to this page:


> Harassment on IRC and in person, evasion of IRC bans.

And then finally this:


> Harassment on IRC and in person, evasion of IRC bans

And according to this, it's valid for a year. Have you given any thought 
to maybe taking a fucking break and seeking help?

Also, complaining about being mean about RMS is funny when he's known to 
be a creeper himself, has the most obnoxious conference attendance 
requirements, and is known to eat things stuck to his foot:


Quit posting on this mailing list, Peter. Nobody cares about your plight 
and from all appearances your ban was more than rightfully deserved.

- Colin

On 15-02-26 08:12 AM, peter wrote:
> I disagree. All I've done is calmly express my ideas in the most 
> rational way I know how.
> I think it's a cultural problem.
> I think it is possible and necessary to change people's minds. It will 
> not be easy.
> (I guess the scientists fighting religion overcame the same kind of 
> problem).
> Humans are tricky, and prone to violence and group-think.

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