[hackerspaces] Moderation of this list.

peter phm at riseup.net
Thu Feb 26 17:12:35 CET 2015

On 26/02/15 15:51, Colin Keigher wrote:
> Peter,
> I can see why you've been made unwelcomed at the London hackerspace in 
> question: you have no clue that you're beating a dead horse here. 
> You'd think that after a thread with what seems like six dozen replies 
> and you repeating yourself that eventually you'd get worn out and give 
> up.
> If you're unwelcomed in a group, you're unwelcomed in a group. If you 
> cannot get over that then there isn't really anything that can be done 
> here. Go create your own hackerspace and stop whining to an Internet 
> group that has no concern over your problem.
> Here's your hackerspace problem in a nutshell:
> - It's your problem
> - It's not their problem
> - You're wrong
> - You cannot change their minds
> - You should give up
> - And you're being bloody annoying on this mailing list about it

I disagree. All I've done is calmly express my ideas in the most 
rational way I know how.

I think it's a cultural problem.

I think it is possible and necessary to change people's minds. It will 
not be easy.
(I guess the scientists fighting religion overcame the same kind of 

Humans are tricky, and prone to violence and group-think.

> I hope that the above helps. You must be a hoot for your employer.
> Cheers,
> Colin
> On 15-02-26 07:25 AM, peter wrote:
>> It's a list for discussing hackerspaces. People were discussing 
>> hackerspace things, and then someone comes along and says 'no no, 
>> that's too much discussion. I'm going to stop you from discussing 
>> things now.'?
>> Why?
>> People got too many emails discussing hackerspaces so they decided to 
>> unsubscribe?
>> And this is a problem?
>> Maybe they just didn't want to discuss hackerspaces!?
>> Are we saying any post that people want to reply to is 'trolling'?
>> On a list about HACKERspaces. Are they in hackerspaces? are these 
>> people hackers?
>> And they don't know how to use lists? wow. You couldn't make this up.
>> Our friendly moderator hellekin writes:
>> "As much as I hate being the bad guy, a secret part of me likes to 
>> kill threads."
>> "You're turning your frustration into aggressiveness."
>> "Grow up and be excellent to each other."
>> hellekin to me on IRC:
>> "02:58 <hellekin> you're turning your brains into a shit salad.  Get 
>> a fucking life moron. "
>> "May I suggest you don't reply to this message, and instead go take a 
>> walk, and think
>> about how you could use your very short time on this planet to do
>> something more interesting than wasting bits?"
>> Isn't it funny how the people that are full of rage and anger are 
>> usually the first to say to people that have been nothing but clam 
>> and rational 'calm down, step away, compose yourself, take a walk'
>> Are people like hellekin really the kinds of people we want 
>> moderating and representing our community?
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