[hackerspaces] Leadership abusing powers. Bullying. Extraordinary General Meetings.

Mark Rosenblitt-Janssen dreamingforward at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 20:30:43 CET 2015

> On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 12:51 PM, peter <phm at riseup.net> wrote:
>> I beg to differ. I don't care what the 'law' says. I care about what is the
>> right/moral thing to do.
> I think we all care about what is "right/moral" Peter.  The issue of
> course is that we disagree as to the right/moral thing to do in this
> case.  The law is a parseable emotionless framework which is designed
> to address this issue.  Is it perfect? no...

The law is not an emotionless framework, quite the opposite.  This
attitude is what has made *apathy* the dominant political mode.

>> If your government starts committing genocide, would you say 'oh well, they
>> passed a law to make it legal, so there is nothing I can do?'.
> I'm actually really disappointed with you that you erected that
> specific straw-man.  You seem very intelligent so you know already in
> advance why your argument is made of straw.

You are filled with utter horseshit.  Peter just p0wned your ass.  Let
it be known that Red Davies is a bot (a STRAW MAN?).

> In a Hackerspace you volunteer to be a member until the bylaws as they
> are written.  You are free to leave at any time.  When it comes to
> government wanting to commit genocide of their own people those people
> have no choice.

Who?  The German's didn't have a choice?

>>The problem is people who don't like being told why they're wrong.
> Sure, nobody does.

Not true again.  But perhaps you don't like to be told you're wrong.

>> Why don't they be all chill and just ignore me?
> ... because as leaders of the organization they have to show
> leadership and deal with PR.

Leadership has nothing to do with these.

> There are what, over a thousand members of LHS.  Let's just take 1000
> as a round number.  If every member were to take up as much resources
> as you are then there wouldn't be an LHS.  That doesn't mean that
> people shouldn't engage or shouldn't complain.  It means that people
> should respect those people's time and not waste it over thrown away
> pasta.
> Proportionality please.

It's called a filter or to those from the old school: a "kill file".

> That's it.  Please respect the time of the volunteers.  They sacrifice
> their own project time so others can work on theirs.

Blatant asskissing to look authoritative to others on the list.


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