[hackerspaces] Leadership abusing powers. Bullying. Extraordinary General Meetings.

peter phm at riseup.net
Wed Feb 25 18:29:28 CET 2015

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On 25/02/15 17:23, peter wrote:
> On 25/02/15 14:42, Bacon Zombie wrote:
>> But can a banned member call an EGM?
> Yes. Any member can call an EGM if they have support of 5% of the 
> membershit.
> The directors are now going through the process of removing me as a 
> member.
> This is interesting, because I don't think they bothered to do this 
> with the other people that were banned.
> To remove a member requires giving them 21 days notice, and allowing 
> them (or a representative) to attend the meeting about their removal.
> What do they have to gain from removing me as a member?
> They don't need to do that to ban me from the physical space or online 
> communications, they've already done that.
> So it seems like the ONLY reason they have for bothering to go through 
> the process of removing me is to give me less time to get support for 
> the EGM.
>> On 25 Feb 2015 07:56, "David Cake" <dave at difference.com.au 
>> <mailto:dave at difference.com.au>> wrote:
>>     If there is a documented grievance procedure that has been agreed
>>     on by the membership, and the leadership followed it, then they
>>     have done the right thing. It may well be that some people have,
>>     in the course of that, behaved in ways you disagree with, or made
>>     judgements you disagree with, but that can happen in a well run
>>     organisation for a variety of reasons. Not everyone has the same
>>     views, or wishes to run a shared space the same way. Barring
>>     higher level legislation, if a majority of people sufficiently
>>     disagrees with you about what is socially acceptable and the
>>     rules are being followed, you should abide by it or leave the
>>     joint space.
>>     The only remaining option is an EGM or a motion at an AGM.
>>     David

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