[hackerspaces] Leadership abusing powers. Bullying. Extraordinary General Meetings.

peter phm at riseup.net
Wed Feb 25 18:13:10 CET 2015

On 25/02/15 10:48, Dan Schmidt wrote:
>> However, a pub table is a bad analogy for a mailing list. On a list, you
>> can choose to ignore posts or whole threads, and it doesn't prevent you
>> from continuing to participate in the other threads at the same time.
> Obviously you made it hard for them to ignore you, so they kicked you out. Usually posts and threads which come across as threatening to other members or staff are the ones which cannot be ignored, especially by management. One might argue that dehumanising the cleaner is threatening behaviour. And, I might add, you're the one who called your behaviour dehumanising:

Please explain to me why it was hard for them to ignore. It seems very 
simple to me. Just don't read or reply.

Please explain how my posts were threatening. Was there some suggestion 
that I was going to hurt the cleaner?

Why do you think I said in that thread:

" Why do you think I clean the space and empty the bins?
Cleaningthe space is heroic and totally awesome"

Does that sound like someone that's threatening cleaners?

> "I like de-humanising. I think it's a good thing."
> If you habitually and wilfully break from social convention in a social conversation (especially online forums) then you run the risk of presenting yourself as a threat to the fabric that keeps the group together and functioning. There are ways of doing that which are perfectly respectable and civil, as I said, an intellectual exercise presented in a theoretical discussion. Non-threatening == easy to ignore, it's human nature.

Social conventions are often bad.

I think playing with ideas is good and healthy.

Challenging what is 'normal' is a good thing. Some things are convention 
for good reasons, and some are conventions for bad reasons.

>> London hackspace has a lot of members, and I know for a fact that some
>> of them do like my contributions.
>> They think cos they're not active on IRC or list that they don't exist.
> If they do exist why don't you arrange your EGM instead of spending your time here trying to rally more supporters?
> - Dan

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