[hackerspaces] Food Hacking Base at CCC camp 2015 join and support - BOMB WARNING!

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Tue Aug 25 09:19:08 CEST 2015

Thanks for posting about this overflo. 

Frantisek asked me and others about how to best handle this in the future.  

That the bottle was in the hot sun was a problem.  So, one thing that will happen in the future is: there will be a very noticeable sticker on each bottle about not putting a sealed bottle in a warm place or in sunlight.  

Also, Frantisek us looking into bottles with caps that can release pressure when it gets too high. 


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> hi frantisek and everybody
> you had a workshop on kefir or kombucha or something similar and one of 
> the bottles ended up at our village (leiwandville).
> there was a glass bottle used with a ceramic closing bracket.
> whoever brought it didnt know that he/she was not supposed to CLOSE it 
> and the bottle EXPLODED in the middle of an SMD soldering workshop i 
> gave there.
> it was really quite bad, people got hurt and need to go to the hospital 
> because glas particles were stuck in their faces, a throat was cut and 
> an eyelid bleeding..
> we also found a 20cm long piece of glass that went trough the ceiling of 
> the tent and propelled for another 4-5 meters afterwards.
> that tent was made of some sturdy fabric, so if that piece would have 
> hit a guy he would probably have died.
> anyway, the smd workshop was a BLAST. ;)
> i just wanted to make sure that everybody attending a foodhacking 
> workshop in the future knows exactly that closing a bottle of fermenting 
> stuff could result in  a lifethreatening bomb.
> i am not critisizing you here, you do great work and i am happy that you 
> do what you do.
> i just want to make sure that in the future people will not be hurt by 
> their lack of knowledge.
> all the best
> -flo
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