[hackerspaces] Food Hacking Base at CCC camp 2015 join and support - BOMB WARNING!

overflo flo at tekstix.com
Mon Aug 24 15:41:45 CEST 2015

hi frantisek and everybody

you had a workshop on kefir or kombucha or something similar and one of 
the bottles ended up at our village (leiwandville).
there was a glass bottle used with a ceramic closing bracket.
whoever brought it didnt know that he/she was not supposed to CLOSE it 
and the bottle EXPLODED in the middle of an SMD soldering workshop i 
gave there.

it was really quite bad, people got hurt and need to go to the hospital 
because glas particles were stuck in their faces, a throat was cut and 
an eyelid bleeding..
we also found a 20cm long piece of glass that went trough the ceiling of 
the tent and propelled for another 4-5 meters afterwards.
that tent was made of some sturdy fabric, so if that piece would have 
hit a guy he would probably have died.

anyway, the smd workshop was a BLAST. ;)

i just wanted to make sure that everybody attending a foodhacking 
workshop in the future knows exactly that closing a bottle of fermenting 
stuff could result in  a lifethreatening bomb.
i am not critisizing you here, you do great work and i am happy that you 
do what you do.
i just want to make sure that in the future people will not be hurt by 
their lack of knowledge.

all the best

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