[hackerspaces] a (card) game about hackerspaces

overflo flo at tekstix.com
Fri Apr 24 21:28:49 CEST 2015

hi there!

some days ago we [0] decided we want to make a game that we could have 
manufactured and bring to the CCCamp this august.
it will probably be a card game as these are cheap to make and easy to 
the game will be released under CC-BY license so everybody can do 
whatever they want with it.

if you want to contribute please join out malinglist here: 
the malinglist will be kept english to get international contributions.

we are currently in the very early stage of planning the game concept.
if you are a graphics guy and this sounds like a cool challenge and you 
have time to contribute, please join us!

please join us for discussions whatever it is you can contribute.
we will also make some kind of project log for this, maybe on 
hackaday.io, we also started a wiki page on the metalab wiki [1 & 2] but 
this is currently in german. (will be i8n soon).

have  a lot of fun!
-flo [3]

[0] https://metalab.at
[1] https://metalab.at/wiki/Hackerspacegame
[2] https://metalab.at/wiki/Hackerspacegame/Kartenspiel
[3] https://metalab.at/wiki/Benutzer:Overflo

COPYPASTA from thegame at lists.metalab.at


thanks for being part of this, if i added you and you dont want to be 
part of it: sorry! please just unsibscribe.

what is it about:
we want to make a (card) game about hackerspaces
the game will be produced professionally in a small batch production run
it will me released und a CC-BY licence so people can make whatever they 
want with it.
the current idea is to make this a card game with ~55 cards.
it is not clear what the goal of the game will be.
maybe a multistage game like builing the space, running the space, 
(nonviolent) world domination!
or something completely different!
i think of something like 1000 blank cards, munchkin, cards agains 
humanity .. something like that.
we could also have a dice in the game to add some random().
i think the first step should be to come up with a game concept.
whats your favourite card game?

then we could collect all kind of stories from hackerspaces around the 
world that we could somehow use in the game.
(maybe we could even add a QR code with a link to story related content 
ont he intertubes?)
the crazier the story the more fun the game.

we could have something like "discussion cards" where you can play an 
argument card or simply argue yourself.
topics like
  - is it safe to cut __________ with the laser cutter?
  - this guy just offered to teach  a class on how to make meth on the 
public ML.
  - can we smoke around the place ? what can we smoke?
  - how to handle the radioactive material on the lounge table?
  - whats up in reactor #3 ?
  - this guy just moved in for some weeks and lives under the shelves
  - ________ broke can can we fix it with _______ ? (duct-tape always 
wins here.)
  - a reaction card "call in a jour fixe" concsequences: none. discard 
the card.
  - the kitchen is rotting away
  - the "food" in the fridge because self-concious. the revolution is 
  - trolls are eating up all the mailinglists
  - someone suggest that we should all wear slippers
  - a hacker stacker sleeping accomondation is intalled in ________
  - _______ suggest a workshop on ___________
  - the skalarwellengenerator broke
  - illuminati are the cause of all this

i think you get the basic idea.
i would like to discuss how the game could be built at starters.
a vague concept for the GOAL a vague concept on the game mechanics.
maybe we could keep this thing extendable?
how about a relative straight forward gameplay and later you can have 
the expension pack that adds "discussions" to the game?

i hope for the best ideas, where shall we document the progress?
titanpad is good for live discussions
a wiki is good archive ideas (i suggest we use the metalab wiki)
maybe we could take this a project on hackaday.io?
what do you think?

i found a lot of inspiration on the noisebridge mailinglist. 
the guy that LIVED (not) under the elevator is GREAT thread 


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