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Sorry in advance for the spammy post.

During the Hack in the Box Haxpo and Twente Maker Festival IJhack is 
going to do a week of http://ijduino.org/ [1] workshops to teach the 
general public a bit about electronics.

The IJduino is a simplified Arduino with an 8x8 LED screen. It has all 
the possibilities an ATMega328 can offer, sensors and even wifi. There 
are lots of cool examples on https://github.com/IJHack/ijduino/ [2] , 
you can even play flappIJbird on it https://youtu.be/a8VfNl8ukGI [3]

To be able to order enough kits to teach enough people at the workshops 
we need to order lots of components. Our kickstarter on 
http://ijfund.ijduino.org/ [4] has one week left to
go and could use some help to reach the goal.

The idea is that for any thing pledged we can order parts for two, that 
way our stock should increase after every workshop for the IJduino to 

http://ijfund.ijduino.org/ [4]

We have different perks set up including sensor packs and wifi addons. 
Also bundled workshop pledges, hoodies and more.

If you have problems with using paypal or have some other ways you might 
like to help just contact info at ijhack.nl

Thanks for reading!

Anne Jan Brouwer

http://ijhack.nl/ [5]

[1] http://ijduino.org/
[2] https://github.com/IJHack/ijduino/
[3] https://youtu.be/a8VfNl8ukGI
[4] http://ijfund.ijduino.org/
[5] http://ijhack.nl/

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