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Clement Quinson clem at electrolab.fr
Sun Mar 23 16:40:36 CET 2014

Hey everyone,
here at the electrolab (Paris, France), we have a quite simple (but
limited) process:
- anyone can visit the space each tuesday
- anyone can signup for a membership ; memberships are cheap, but they only
allow you to visit/use the lab when it's open
- only board members (11 elected people) do have the keys of the space for
now. They/We manage openings with our internal mailing list... and also
basically are here all the time :)
- members must have some sort of habilitation for specific equipment, which
are RFID equiped for powering up/access (eg milling machine, lathe,
pcb/chemistry room, ...)

We also have a guide on our wiki (two version: a short "getting started"
that can be printed and thus also serves as a flyer, and a longer version
that is wiki only but has more information), that we adapted from the one
put in place by the London hackerspace.

For board members, we do have a precise checklist for opening and closing
the space (check that this and that equipment are turned off, etc)

We will probably implement another scheme to widen the number of
keyholders, but that's still something we are thinking about. We were
thinking about pretty much the same scheme:
- grace period
- pledge/review from the board, or rather: applications not really welcome,
rather suggestions from the board to chosen, trusted members
- training for the standard procedures
- tutoring (eg have one keyholder is your referent) + test period of x

The main question is "how do you refuse keys to members without being
insulted", followed by "under which circumstances and how do you take keys
C. (member of the Electrolab board)

On Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 3:23 PM, Georges <gunstick at syn2cat.lu> wrote:

> Hi
> how do fellow spaces handle new members?
> Has everyone the same rights from the start, like full access to the
> rooms, voting rights in meetings etc...
> Or do you have a grace period serving as introduction?
> Gunstick
> http://syn2cat.lu
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