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Alexander Dahl alex at netz39.de
Sun Mar 23 15:58:21 CET 2014

Hei hei,

On 23.03.2014 15:23, Georges wrote:
> Has everyone the same rights from the start, like full access to the
> rooms, voting rights in meetings etc...

It depends. ;-)

At Netz39 in Magdeburg/Germany every member has the right to attend any
open meeting for organizing things (except the small board meetings),
the right to attend internal workshops and voting right. Members can
post to the members only mailing list right from the start and get
member edit rights in the wiki. (This sounds more fenced than it is,
most things are communicated on the world open list and in the world
open part of the wiki.)

For machine operation everybody (not only members) has to somehow prove
she's able to handle the specific task (CNC mill, 3D print, PCB etching, …).

> Or do you have a grace period serving as introduction?

We have this for access to the rooms. Of course everybody can access the
room from the start, if the space is already open and some members are
in there. For entering and staying alone we decided some rules:

* grace period of 3 months
* simple pledge of 3 members
* prove 3 points on a list of things you need to know if you're alone
  * how to open and close the door(s)
  * how to update the space status
  * how to get drinks and find the toilet ;-)

We're still testing this, so we would be interested in opinions on this
as well.


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