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Thanks for the replies,
my project is alternative mostly by the aim to do majority of it from an independent lab, through funding which I would have to secure and by the fact that I would come up with my own topic for the thesis. It is basically about biofilm polycultures as kombucha, kefir, water kefir etc. and how to optimize the technology to produce high quality fermented foods and beverages which would be economically viable under small to medium business production scheme. First I would focus on the structure of the cultures and their dynamics (I will add a few new things here to the "scientific knowledge") using this inside/overview to establish efficient and good quality techniques for their proliferation using this technology to produce high quality fermented foods&beverages (here would quite few new things which I would add), small to medium scale production. All ending with a business model which would be tested in the real life showing that it is viable (as a
 combination of above again quite a progressive thing definitely in a field of applied science or R&D transfer and application). If time allows (3-5 years is not so much) I definitely want to develop a system of courses to teach it to interested people and parties so it can spread more easily around the world - again something what I've been doing for several years. That would make the cycle complete, all open source as usually. 
I'm doing this in a less academic manner for a while and I know it is actually "in" and it has a great potential, it is more about finding a spot where I can stay for 3-5 years having a base there to make it happen and having a PhD. status when working on it from some UNI which would result in PhD. degree in the field if things go well. It is highly likely I would do most of the work in independent laboratories just partly collaborating with academy on parts of the project, securing majority of the funding by myself, PhD. stipendium is unlikely. So it is really mostly about the umbrella. Supervisors would be all around the world :-) And yes I need another half year or so of discussion and planning to come up with a really proper thesis proposal but I feel it is time for me to open the discussion and start to look around more actively.


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I'm not sure how "alternative" what you're talking about is. In the US, ar least, food science is a recognized discipline. Graduates generally end up working for commercial food conglomerates working on the newest potato chip (crisp) flavor.

While you"re likely interested in much less commercial applications of the degree, I think the core academic programs are already established.

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Hi to all,
I am thinking about doing a PhD. on the stuff which I do within the hacker community for several years, my field is food&beverage biotech. I wonder if people would know places/universities which would be friendly to the alternative topics like these. I've a project which I'm working on and off for several years now and I want to move it further forward considering it as a PhD project actually, you can find rough info to get idea here


Funding through the UNI would be nice but not necessary, I believe that I can get most of the resources through crowdsourcing and another alternative ways valuing my freedom than funds with strings. This means that long distance and external supervisors etc. are fine with me but still I need to find place which has the "qualification" to give me the PhD. at  the end. I'm Czech by the way so EU should be more friendly for me and cheaper if I have to pay.

Many thanks for any info, I'll share it in the future with others who may go similar path, it starting to be more frequent desire seems to me to get recognition in the academic sector but use alternative base/approach and fundings.

Sincerely from Jeju, South Korea,

Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck
PS I have master degree in genetic engineering and "on wait" master thesis in biotech and good recommendation from both academic hacker community. The reason for the PhD. is partly forcing myself to a more systematic approach and also using the "possible PhD." to smoothen the ways to bring forward some of the projects which lies ahead. 

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This project is focused on promotion and development of food sustainability in local rural communities using variety of fermentation cultures and techniques.   
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"There is no way to peace, peace is the way." Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
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