[hackerspaces] Does the maker culture get the step on the hackers culture?

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"Recently I told to someone on the list to the importance of words."

Yes, and you didn't take my point about how attempting to define a
Platonic ideal of "hacker" would not solve any problems.  So let me
make it another way.

What are you are really talking about is weaponizing words.  You are
suggesting that If Only we could come up with labels that are Really
True, then we could label ourselves Hackers and easily evict The
Others by simply pointing a finger and saying "those are the Crackers
and they don't belong here."

Here is a short list of movements that have used this technique:

* witch-hunts
* the McCarthy trials of the 1950s
* the War on Terror

In this thread you are making a much softer point about the difference
between a "hackerspace" and a "makerspace".  At best, enumerating the
differences between these two is an academic exercise.  At worst, this
discussion only leads to extremism, pointing of fingers, and failure
to find common ground.

What's the point?


On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 1:07 PM, Aurélien DESBRIÈRES
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> A simple question that is real.
> Google the words and look the difference.
> Recently I told to someone on the list to the importance of words.
> Or the black side stick on the hackers word seems to goes against our
> culture.
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