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James Arthur iam at jamesarthur.info
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Information Architecture is a hobby of mine I've been exploring.  This, in
my opinion, is one of the single biggest problems in any community oriented

There are a few criteria to consider in any communication.

*Longevity*: How long should the information last?

   - Speaking to someone in person or on the phone expires quickly, whereas
   a book or Wiki may last a lot longer

*Accessibility:*  How easy is it to access the information?

   - Who can access the information?
   - When is it available?
   - Does it require the ability to read or speak a certain language?
   - Does it require the person to understand certain jargon?
   - Does it require technical savvy to access?  [Logging into a site is a
   challenge for some]

*Relative Importance:  *How vital is the info?

   - How important does the community think this information is?
   - How important does the person receiving the info think it is?

*Method:* There are many but...

   - Speaking
   - Texting
   - Calling
   - Emailing
   - Social Media
   - Wiki
   - Website
   - Static [Printed] Signage
   - Dynamic [White board, Electronic] Signage
   - Augmented Reality [Something I think could be very for hacker/maker
   spaces, especially when HUD's become more viable
   - Etc.

Much more to hash out, but I'm a little busy right now.  Would love to
start a side exploratory discussion about this topic with a group of
interested parties.

On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 4:31 PM, Steven Sutton <ssutton4455 at gmail.com>wrote:

> One of the things that we're discussing a lot at our space is how we keep
> communication open between members. We have several different tools (wiki,
> mailing list, weekly meetups, monthly meetings, etc) that each sorta have
> their own audience.
> But if we want to get consensus on things like "do we want to be involved
> in this event" or "how should we invest this money" or "hey, watch out for
> this in the space" we really aren't reaching the majority of our members
> because it's being lost in the noise of the other stuff happening on the
> mailing list.
> Have any of you tried something different for helping people coordinate
> with each other that really worked for your space?
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