[hackerspaces] Communication within the space

Steven Sutton ssutton4455 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 22:31:13 CET 2014

One of the things that we're discussing a lot at our space is how we keep
communication open between members. We have several different tools (wiki,
mailing list, weekly meetups, monthly meetings, etc) that each sorta have
their own audience.

But if we want to get consensus on things like "do we want to be involved
in this event" or "how should we invest this money" or "hey, watch out for
this in the space" we really aren't reaching the majority of our members
because it's being lost in the noise of the other stuff happening on the
mailing list.

Have any of you tried something different for helping people coordinate
with each other that really worked for your space?

Steven Sutton
President, Freeside Atlanta
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