[hackerspaces] Rent: is a space 'business usage'? (legal questions, Germany)

Björn Oelke bo at kbct.de
Mon Feb 17 10:00:33 CET 2014


our hackerspace[1] needs to move soon and the landlord of a potential new location just said he's sorry but he was told he needs an additional permission by the authorities to rent out the room to a club. ("Gewerbliche Nutzung")

We're non-profit, in German "gemeinnütziger Verein", and we're not using the location for commercial purposes, just some club mate and stuff like that with nearly no margin.

I'd be happy if someone could clarify this. :)

[1]: http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Nbsp (German)

BO .. http://kbct.de
PS: Moin.

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