[hackerspaces] Examples wanted -- art and hackerspaces

opit opit at wemakethings.net
Sun Feb 9 16:42:29 CET 2014

Hi all,
I'm opit from Technarium, a new space in Vilnius, Lithuania
(http://technarium.lt). We're trying to get some grant money to help us
relocate, and I'm writing a grant proposal that would emphasize the
collaboration between techies and artists/artisans in our space.

I'd love to include some other examples in that paper, so my question
is: could you point me to some awesome art projects/collaborations
ongoing in your space? For instance, c-base in Berlin (which I'm a
member of) collaborated with the Transmediale festival, The Generator in
Reno builds projects for the Burning Man, etc.
Thanks a lot!

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