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Hi to all,Food Hacking Base is establishing another open platform at 31c3 where you can come and discuss, learn and experiment with whatever is related to food, drink and bio. We want to provide as good conditions as possible, if you want to help out please spread the word and if you can support this through our crowdsourcing campaign!   
With time we function more and more as an umbrella for groups and people who are into the activities described above. This year we have EveryCook, Edgeryders, some of the DIY bio folk and of course hackers from many hackerspaces, well growing. There will be several DIY machines to promote as Experimental Incubator, Ice Cream machine from Warpzone, EveryCook device ... Discussions about what to do during the year to promote these activities and related projects in local hackerspaces and communities and of course plans for upcoming CCC camp are on the list, so come and join!

Some of you remember our Food Hacking Winter tour which we did around Europe last year, well finally here is the first part of our blog post focused on the hackerspaces in the Western Europe
Southern, Eastern and Central Europe comes next at the moment many thanks to ChaosKueste, WarpZone, Hack42, TechInc, VoidWarranties, Syn2Cat and Post Tenebras Lab mentioned in the post, once more thank for having us!

Talk to you or even better see you soon!

For Food Hacking Base,

Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck
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