[hackerspaces] payed staff vs volunteers

Florencia Edwards floev22 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 19:20:32 CET 2014

What do you think, I believe it really changes how the whole space works,
and how members behave if you have payed staff or volunteers. Also it
changes the commitment in tasks. If anyone has had experience with both,
could you please give the pros and cons? Or if you just had experience with
one, it would be nice to know how it's worked for you and what was good and
bad about it.

In our space, we had payed staff, but members behaved more like costumers
who wanted their services to be perfect, than  an active community that
does things not only with their own projects,but also for the space.  Payed
staff was with a low wage, but they where happy they could get enough to
get by, and build a community, help around... But their was also the
feeling that it would be good to engage in the possibility of giving
rotation to the staff. For example: people that came in, wanted to help
.needed the money, and really wanted to be staff. Why shouldn't they get a
chance? So we thought that maybe voting for a staff and rotating it could
be a good idea. But we are not sure.

All thoughts, links and opinions more than welcome.
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