[hackerspaces] How to make money to sustain a hackerspace

Mark Scrano mscrano at ieee.org
Thu Dec 11 03:29:12 CET 2014

I am involved with a hackerspace that is a 501(c)3 non-profit
organization, and I have an idea for a fundraiser that involves work in
the cryptocurrency field.   Our space has always been a break even type
of group where we are large enough to sustain our basics.  Unfortunately
we do not end up with any reserves and lately since we have moved into a
bigger space our growth has not continued as we have hoped, we now are
running in the red.  I have proposed the following idea to our board and
if any other spaces are interested in making this a larger endeavor
please follow up with me either on or off thread.  I am considering
creating a user created asset on the counterparty platform many of the
details have yet to be ironed out but here is the basic concept.  Once
we have created a distribution schedule we will start with a crowd
funding sale.  Anyone that contributes to the initial round of seed
funding will get an equal distribution of the token we create based upon
how much they contributed financially.  (I.E. we raise 1 million[heh i
wish] and the schedule calls for 1 million tokens then each token would
= $1) Once the tokens are distributed we continue to distribute tokens
to people that are actively contributing to a hackerspace/makerspace
that is involved in the experiment.  For example someone that teaches a
class could earn a number of tokens for that event etc.  Individual
spaces could create task lists or action items that would also earn
tokens for being completed.  Tokens could then be used within the
hackerspace community or exchanged on a marketplace for cash.  Being a
space that does not currently have full time employees or the ability to
hire and pay full time employees I think this could pick up the slack on
some of the tasks that are not regularly completed.  Please any feedback
that you have is welcome, be brutal.  Any spaces that are interested in
collaborating or being part of the experiment please let me know!
Mark Scrano

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