[hackerspaces] DPL: Defensive Patent License -- and Hackerspaces

Ethan Chew spacefelix at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 17:49:51 CEST 2014

That is an intriguing prospect (and as I understand your thoughts); have a
hackerspace design competition where we uphold freedom of knowledge, we get
to have fun exploring and verifying a patent technology and we all share
the results of the development.

Would this perhaps be a financial interest on the part of patent creators
and/or otherwise to make a cash prize for a hackerspace that can succeed at
demonstrating a prototype of a patent?

There was the XPrize to motivate technology development, what of a similar
prize for this?

                 - Ethan/spacefelix

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> I saw a presentation this summer about the DPL, having heard murmurings
> some time of a "Creative Commons" approach for patents. The DPL creates a
> fairly complex and intriguing system that I think is worth examining.
> What can hackers do to practically resist the domination of knowledge
> through exclusive rights regimes propped up by patent laws?
> Does the DPL offer a valuable option akin to free cultural and free
> software licenses?
> In case you're already at least curious, the DPL launch is scheduled for
> November 7th, 2014 in Berkeley, California:
> http://www.law.berkeley.edu/16151.htm
> Also, I had an idea.
> It's a bit weird, so please read about the DPL first:
> http://www.defensivepatentlicense.com/
> What if the hackerspaces community, through some of its various respective
> corporate entities, opted in one-by-one to DPL, especially early on, in
> order to get access to this body of patents? Then, what if among all the
> participating hackerspace entities, for each patent in the pool, we
> coordinated such that at least one hackerspace community would implement a
> prototype demonstrating the principle of each patent. This way, any one
> member of the hackerspaces community can find a license through some other
> community member for each patent, even if the originator of that patent
> leaves the DPL patent pool.
> Basically, I'm suggesting a potential path to maximize benefits and
> minimize risk for the most people possible, through the DPL. Maybe I did
> not represent this idea accurately, would love feedback!
> On the other hand, I'm not exactly sold on DPL and would like to learn
> and see if the approach above isn't possible or perhaps is sub-optimal, or
> otherwise undesirable.
> // Matt
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