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Joshua Pritt ramgarden at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 17:38:51 CEST 2013

Do you have a project page with images for this wearable computer?  I've
been wanting to get into this as well but could never find the right "parts
list" to get started.  I was going to try to figure out a way to use a
Raspberry Pi as the main computer then just use a heads up display similar
to google glass but I can't find one anywhere.

On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 10:34 AM, Dennis Poague <poague at oi.com.br> wrote:

> Greetings from Brazil,  HELP..I need information...
>   I am from USA but live here. I recently aquired a Xyberview Head Mounted
> Display (hmd4) from ebay to use with
> my Xybernaut MA-V wearable computer.  I have pinouts for HMD4 (26 pin
> plug) and adaptor plug (50 pins) for MA-V
> touchscreen/hmd interface...but I don't have pinouts for MA-V
> top interface !!  Which hmd4 wires go to which pin MAV plug??
> Any hackers worldwide working with wearable computers(xybernaut) have MA-V
> pinout for xybernaut MA-V??  I have osciloscope and basic working knowledge
> ( amplifiers) but I don't have the advanced training to measure the pinouts
> on a MA-V computer...from what I have read on the net this process is a
> little complicated for my limited working knowledge.
> I discoverd a hackerspace here where I live in Belo Horizonte,Minas
> Gerais, Brazil !  If somebody has the knowlege of measuring process I might
> find somebody there who could help me.......but it would be so much easier
> if I could just find the MA-V pinouts: cut off the hmd4 connector and
> solder new MAV connector and start using the wearable computer.
>  The best part of this project has been discovering the Hackerspaces.org
> and local club....happy projects for all hackers.
> Sincerely thankfull for any and all feedback, Dennis
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