[hackerspaces] Xybenaut MA-V pinouts

Dennis Poague poague at oi.com.br
Thu Sep 19 17:34:43 CEST 2013

Greetings from Brazil,  HELP..I need information...

  I am from USA but live here. I recently aquired a Xyberview Head Mounted
Display (hmd4) from ebay to use with
my Xybernaut MA-V wearable computer.  I have pinouts for HMD4 (26 pin plug)
and adaptor plug (50 pins) for MA-V
touchscreen/hmd interface...but I don't have pinouts for MA-V top interface
!!  Which hmd4 wires go to which pin MAV plug??

Any hackers worldwide working with wearable computers(xybernaut) have MA-V
pinout for xybernaut MA-V??  I have osciloscope and basic working knowledge
( amplifiers) but I don't have the advanced training to measure the pinouts
on a MA-V computer...from what I have read on the net this process is a
little complicated for my limited working knowledge.

I discoverd a hackerspace here where I live in Belo Horizonte,Minas
Gerais, Brazil !  If somebody has the knowlege of measuring process I might
find somebody there who could help me.......but it would be so much easier
if I could just find the MA-V pinouts: cut off the hmd4 connector and
solder new MAV connector and start using the wearable computer.

 The best part of this project has been discovering the Hackerspaces.org
and local club....happy projects for all hackers.
Sincerely thankfull for any and all feedback, Dennis
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