[hackerspaces] Xybernaut pinpouts/ wearable computers

Dennis Poague poague at oi.com.br
Fri Sep 20 12:21:59 CEST 2013

Xybernaut pinouts is my problem but the wearable computer craze will
be the next wavr in IT.....

Hi Joshua, hows the hacking,

  Thanks for reply and sharing your interest in wearable
computers...the next wave in
information technology....I understand your frustration ...I been
watching the IT revolution from afar...I am from Silicon Valley where
it's all happenning. If you really want to find the info/parts then I
suggest first and formost to do your homework and set aside some
serious money...the biggest and most expensive part is the Head
Mounted Display.  All the info is on the net...everybody and every
part can be found!!

  I have seen wearable made with raspberry pi and MyCu hmd for about
US$100 by some like minded hackers on instructables...just google
raspberry pi wearable computer and you will find the article.  The
google glasses are soon to be available but at $1500 they are not
nearly as cheap an alternative...but considering that you can hook
them up to smart phone the combination will sell like Google stock!!

  If you really want to explore the world of wearables I suggest first
and formost to go to www.wearcomp.org and www eyetap.org.  Both are
the homepages by Steve Mann PHd.Mit father of wearables....he has
movie called Cyberman and two books out.....do your homework and happy
hacking.  I haven't posted pictures yet but I am planning it
soon...too many personal problems to resolve at home require most of
my spare time...but I will let you know when they are posted...happy

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